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Birthdate:Feb 1
Location:California, United States of America
Educated white girl with hubs and rugrats

Interests (150):

a freshly made bed, a good bra, a greasy burger, adventure games, air conditioning, american idol, art, babies, beautiful hands, bling, blue eyes, books on tape, bunnies, canada, candy, canned green beans, cats, cemeteries, chicago, china plates, christmas, classical music, clean hair, cleaning is therapy, cloudy days, coffee, coffee mugs, comfy shoes, cotton, couples, curly hair, dancing, dangle earings, desk lamps, diamonds, diamonds as always, drinking a cold beer, ducklings, dvd, early morning conversations, eating, england, etching, fake flowers, farscape, fire fighters, flower prints, flowers, foot rubs, fuzzy pillows, ghost stories, green rolling hills, hand crafted pottery, hand holding, hands, hanging out, happiness, hating my boss, hbo, history, holding someone, home ownership, hot tea, jane austen, jewelry, john waters, lazy boys (the chairs), learning new crafts, lip stick, long coats, long drives, love, magazines, magnets, mail, married life, money, mosaic, movies, museums, music, my kitty, my museum, my truck, myspace, mystery movies, new places, nice clothes, ocean, oceans, old friends, old movies, orient & flume, painted toe nails, paintings, paper animals, parents, parties, patrick ranch, pc games, pickles, plants, plays, poirot, publisher for card making, quilting, retail therapy, rivers, robes or all colors, rose petals, roseanne, sand on my feet, scented cream, sci-fi, sex, short hair, silver frames, sims 2, skirts, stepping stones, straight teeth, summer rain storms, sun brewed iced tea, sun sets, sunglasses, sunny days, sweet hearts, tall men, tea cups, theater, thrift stores, tivo, tori amos, travel, treadmill, tubing down a river, twinkle lights, velvet, walking, walks in the park, warm feet, warren kimble, watches, water, water slides, windy days, wine, wire work, woodwork, yard art
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